Team Members

When ForgeRock sets you up with a tenant, you are the first team member. Team members are the administrators of the environment. You can invite more team members to the tenant by going to the tenant settings area and inviting additional team members.

Signing In To The Console

To sign in to the Express console, team members must use their email address and password:

Team Member Sign-in Screen

Team members do not get a separate username.

Inviting Team Members

To invite additional team members, in the left hand navigation bar, select your name > Environment Settings. You’ll land on a page that lists current team members and their account status.

environment settings

You can invite one or more team members by selecting Invite Team Members. You can then enter a comma-separated list of email addresses.

alt text

Managing Team Members

Active team members include the first user who registered for the tenant, as well as additional users who accepted invitations.

Once you’ve invited a new team member, you can return to your name > Environment Settings to see their status:

alt text

Depending on the status of the team member, you have the following options:

Status Options
Active Deactivate
Invited Resend Invite, Deactivate
Deactivated Activate

If you’ve signed in as a team member, ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express does not let you deactivate your account.

If you have questions email cloud[email protected].