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Customize Email Templates

ForgeRock allows you to design custom emails triggered by user account activity.

For example, you can set up an account verification email that’s sent when a user registers for your service or application. That same email can also welcome users to your service.

ForgeRock email templates support the use of Markdown, based on the CommonMark specification, enhanced by the markdown-it parser. You can test options on the markdown-it demo site. In addition, you can:

  • Use variables to help personalize messages.
  • Skin templates using CSS.

Available Templates

You can use the console to configure the following email templates:

Template Name Description Status
Registration When a user registers on your service or application
This email is sent if requireEmailVerification is set to true in Password Policy
Always Enabled
Welcome When users verify their email addresses Disabled
Forgotten Password Whenever a user requests a password change Always Enabled
Password Updated Confirms a recent password change Enabled
Updated Email Address Sent after a user changes the account email address Disabled
Username Recovery For users who need help recovering their usernames Always Enabled
Username Recovery Confirmation After a user has recovered their username Disabled
Verification Code (1) An option for Second Factor Authentication Always Enabled

If a template is Always Enabled, you’re not allowed to disable it at the Express console.

The Verification Code (1) template applies only when email is configured as the second factor in two-factor authentication.


You can add variables (with double curly braces {{ variableName }}) to the template. The variables will then pull data from entities such as users, apps and tenants. The following table includes example variables:

Variable Description Example
{{}} Name of application. TrakMyExpenses
{{user.emails.primary}} Primary email of the user. [email protected]
{{user.preferredLanguage}} Preferred language of the user. en-US
{{}} Given name / first name of the user. Barbara
{{}} Family name / last name of the user. Jensen
{{}} User’s fully formatted name. Ms. Barbara J Jensen, III
{{user.displayName}} User’s display name. Babs Jensen
{{user.userName}} The username. bjensen
{{url}} Generic link for account activity such as registration password reset.  
{{url.expiry}} Limit on URL validity, in hours.  
{{date}} Date and time of request in ISO 8601 format.  
{{}} Organization name. Mega Money Mgr Inc.
{{}} Tenant Name. Mega Money Mgr-Dev

If you have questions email [email protected].