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Manage Team Members

When ForgeRock sets you up with a tenant, you are its first team member. Team members are tenant administrators. You can invite others to become team members.

To use the Express console: Click your name in the upper left corner.

To invite one or more people to be team members, click Invite Team Members.

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Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses. Team members do not have individual usernames. They sign in to Express using their email address.

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Managing Team Members

All team members have the same administrator privileges and can add, activate, or deactivate other team members.

Depending on the status of the team member, you have the following options:

Status Options
Active Deactivate
Invited Resend Invite, Deactivate
Deactivated Activate


  • You cannot deactivate your status or delete yourself from the team member list.
  • You can deactivate a team member, but you cannot delete the team member from the list.