Add and Configure an SPA

In this QuickStart you’ll:

  • Use the Express console add a single-page app (SPA)to the tenant.
  • Copy the app Client ID. You’ll use Client ID when you configure the ForgeRock SDK.

  1. Sign in to the Express Admin Console at http://{your-organization-name}

  2. Select Applications > New Application, and select Native / SPA.

    alt text

  3. Enter the following information in the fields and select ‘Save’.

    Entry Description
    Name A unique name for your app
    Description Optional description of your app
    Sign-in Redirect URL Whitelist URLs to route users after authentication
    Sign-out Redirect URL Whitelist URLs to route users after sign-out
    Description Optional
  4. Copy the Client ID. You’ll use this information when you configure the SDK.

SPAs are also known as “browser-based apps”.

If you have questions email [email protected].