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These are the next items lined up for ForgeRock Identity Cloud Express. The roadmap is to give you an idea of the next features we’re integrating into the product, but the roadmap will always change based on customer feedback and changes in direction.

Next Milestone Release

  • WebAuthN enhancements
  • Hosted pages enhancements
  • Extensible user schema
  • SMTP email integration


  • User import
  • Log data extraction
  • Email as login
  • External uptime reporting
  • Webhooks
  • Team member enhancements
  • ID token custom claims
  • Custom domains
  • Multiple environments
  • Configurable OTP messaging
  • User groups
  • User 2-way sync
  • MFA Opt-in
  • WebAuthN with login failback
  • Password history rules
  • Team member roles
  • Analytics dashboard

If you have questions email [email protected].